Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sequences 2

I want to get back into letterpress, we have the equipment but havn't been making the most of it. My film I made isn't strong enough on its own and therefore decided to also do some print based work too. This idea is similar to my film just different execution. I took the speech and decided to remove all the letters in the quote not used in "Where one burns books, one will, in the end, burn people" so that the message is unclear. While I was researching into Heinrich Heines speech it was originally written in German and translated in different variations, conveying the same message but slightly different. In someways the message was "lost in translation" which is the idea that I want to convey in this idea. It also shows a sequence of letters placed in a certain way. It was good fun and really good at getting back to letterpress, it took longer then I thought but was worth it.

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