Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Creating Letters out of Ice..

At the moment we are having a series of Materials workshops using different types of processes to create an image or texture etc... therefore I decided to experiment using my letter molds which I got for christmas and created Ice Letters. In the ice I also included glitter to see what sort of effect it would have, these are a few images showing my outcomes however it wasn't as successful as I thought. I'm doing the process again, I probably wont use these images but it was fun to do!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Art of Accident Developments

Adding Type to image.. Playing around with adding type, however i would like to do some more research into current Advertisements and how they use type to make it more relevant.. or i could also research into calligraphy making it more relevant to the time of the palace.

Art of Accident

For this part of the project we have to re-design a piece of design such as a book cover, poster etc.... i have decided to re-design this old London Underground advertisement for Hampton Court Palace as it stood out to me when i visited the London Transport Museum.. These are a few ideas i had with scanning images.