Friday, 18 November 2011

Letters From Brighton

Catherine and Philippe who are currently in Minnesota set up an exhibition of letters of what Brighton means to us. These are some pictures including my own work :)

£5 5 books

My project was based on looking into the amount of letters used in a book. I decided to count all the letters from my favourite childhood book Mrs Tiggy Winkle by Beatrix Potter. With this research I decided to create a series of books showing different ways of presenting this information. One book shows all the letters used and the amount of each in alphabetical order, one shows the same information but includes the illustrations to see whether the reader would read the book differently, one shows the same information based on each individual page and one shows the amount and the letters used on each page in order of most used. I designed the books with the same layout as the original book in order for it to create a narrative.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sequences 2

I want to get back into letterpress, we have the equipment but havn't been making the most of it. My film I made isn't strong enough on its own and therefore decided to also do some print based work too. This idea is similar to my film just different execution. I took the speech and decided to remove all the letters in the quote not used in "Where one burns books, one will, in the end, burn people" so that the message is unclear. While I was researching into Heinrich Heines speech it was originally written in German and translated in different variations, conveying the same message but slightly different. In someways the message was "lost in translation" which is the idea that I want to convey in this idea. It also shows a sequence of letters placed in a certain way. It was good fun and really good at getting back to letterpress, it took longer then I thought but was worth it.


These are a few stills from my film idea for sequences. For this project I decided to choose a topic which interests me, I thought this would make the project alot more fun however it took a while to create an idea, and also had problems with filming and computer space so overall its been a bit of a stress. The idea behind this piece is I took a quote I saw at the Imperial War Museum which says "Where one burns books, one will, in the end, burn people" said by a German Jewish Poet Heinrich Heine in 1821 just over 100 years before The book burnings of May 1933, in which Heinrich Heine's work was destroyed. Therefore with this research I decided I would like to try film and record the sequence of a book burning. In someways it can be quite mesmorising and hard not to watch, which I found during filming. Taking this idea from the quote I wanted to also link the Berlin Book burnings by including a speech by Joseph Goebbels.

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Day out to Arundel

Tuesday 25th October Me, Roger, Beth, Christie, Rachel, Wai Wai and Harley went to Arundel castle. It was a lovely day and well worth a visit. Hopefully more trips to come.

A Letter from Brighton

Catherine and Philippe are two Brighton students currently on exchange in Minnesota, they have given Brighton students an opportunity to show some of there work in an exhibition held by them, expressing what Brighton means to them. I decided to take this opportunity to do something different with my work. To me Brighton is a place where I can express myself, show and explore my creative ideas. It is my home. I took some pencil and chalk rubbings around the Pavallion Gardens expressing Brightons own unique marks as a city.