Friday, 30 October 2009

Bill Owens

I really like the type used on his website to introduce each theme for his photography.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Old London Underground advertisements

I really like these posters- the use of design, colours, text/ font and image making these all unique and eye catching. Only if they were still made like this today.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Silkscreen Printing

I really enjoyed silkscreen printing as i had to create 3 templates and create 3 colours to make my image. The print came out well and i really like how the lines are not perfect but adds character to the print and every-time you make it, it will always be slightly different.

Making Maquette's

Using old or not wanted objects i created four mini maquettes by dismantling the object so that it doesn't look like its original form. Using different joining mechanisms such as wire i was able to create new shapes and forms. These maquettes can then be designed into products such as a chair or lamp.

Drawing what you can feel

We had to draw an object however we didn't know what the object was. It was placed into a bag and just using our hands we had to represent the texture of the object but the mark we used. At first I started to draw from my imagination and not what i was touching! So i put tracing paper and started again and was more successful.

Creating the Mark

Using different drawing machines such as a toothbrush you can create lots of interesting a unique marks. The mark can add texture to the drawing allowing you to create your own style. The first four photos i created using mono-prints, charcoal, thread and a toy car dipped into ink to create new marks on the page to represent my journey to collage.


I Love to take pictures and use it to record everything that interests me. In our last brief we had to take pictures of the space inbetween.....

The Beginning

I'm a student at UCA doing my foundation in Art and Design. The first 6 weeks have been jam packed and now looking forward to focusing on one area of design.