Saturday, 30 October 2010

London V&A

For our C&CS lecture we visited the V&A museum to see 'shadow catchers- camera less photography' the exhibition was good with some amazing work and processes. It was the first outing of hopefully many with my graphics class and i had lots of fun going around the v&a then to harrods followed by a walk through Piccadilly and Trafalgar square and these are just a few photos taken....

Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Today i spent 3 hours in the darkroom processing some black and white negatives. These were two of the image i managed to print as it took me ages to figure out how long to expose the image for, therefore creating images which were too dark.. but these came out ok, just need more practice but it was good fun.

Project- Light

In the studio we had to photograph different sources of light... these are just a few images taken..

Sunday, 17 October 2010

"No Macs & Qwerty"

I have chosen this font to re-create the slogan “No Macs & Qwerty” due to the sharp square edges. This picture was taken from a sweet shop window down the north lanes, the type is slightly faded and was painted onto a wooden box which held a collection of sweets for advertisement. The font is a serif ‘roman’ font, after looking through a collection of fonts the closest font it looked like was “copperplate” as it included the sharp square edges. The type is bold, which could be due to it being written in capitals. I will be only using the ‘mint’ type as the other type on the box is a sans-serif font/ helvetica to prevent the type being decorated.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Mapping the unmapped project

In groups of 6 3 graphic students and 3 illustration students we were given an area of brighton to map in our own way, using photography, people/ experiences while we were there. Our group were given madeira drive which is the other side of the pier. At the time we went there was nothing there, everything seemed close and the only person there was a fisherman pulling in his boat. We therefore decided to map this place on the deterioration from the vibrant pier to the "forgotten place" looking at old chains, locked up storage and the rusty train tracks which ran down the side of the beach. These are a few photos i took while we were there.

Monday, 4 October 2010

Type around town

We also took a few pics around the lanes for our type project these are just a few..


Today me and my friend Jo went into the lanes to look for type for our project. I found all these things in Snoopers paradise and is the start of a new collection.. we then decided to have an ice cream at Lick which was really nice! the perfect start to the week.

My New Room

I have internet at last! Eventually i can start posting messages again! I have been at Brighton university now for a whole week, but it seems like i have been here for ages! This week has been the best week, much better then i thought it would have been. I've met some many lovely people and really looking forward to the next 3 years! I can now post a picture of my bedroom :) my new home for the year and its looking more like home everyday. Its becoming more personal with pictures of family and friends. I shall keep you posted.....